The AIIRA Writing Contest 2023

How will AI change the landscape of your career within the next decade?

This contest is sponsored by the AI Institute for Resilient Agriculture (AIIRA) with partial support from USDA/NIFA and US NSF.

Contest Details

Calling all high schoolers! We're back with a new prompt, and we want to see your thoughts. This season, we're asking you to think about a career you'd like to have in the future. How will AI affect your role in that job within the next decade? How will AI benefit your career, and what responsibilities will become redundant due to AI? You can submit an essay exploring this topic and write a fictional scene dipicting how your intended career may look ten years from now.

The submission deadline for this contest is December 31, 2023. To obtain more informatiom about this contest or to submit your writings, please visit the Duotrope's Submission Manager link below.

Duotrope's Submission Manager


  • First Place: $500 USD
  • Second Place: $400 USD (x2)
  • Third Place: $250 USD (x3)

Contest Winners

(Contest winners sorted by last name in ascending alphabetical order)

1st Place

1st Place
AI and the Human Mind
by Jiya Jagani

2nd Place

2st Place
Decoding the Game of Law
by Shinjita Biswas

The Fork Management Call Center
by Alex Diaz

3rd Place

3rd Place
The Future of AI in the Workforce
by Parker Rayfield

Ethical AI Needs Specialized Professionals
by Anneka Singh

Another Tool In The Toolbelt
by Ashna Singh