Training Workshops

Training Workshop

Soynomics Training Videos (Courtesy of Integrated Pest Management at Iowa State University)

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#1 Soynomics: Women in AG and AI
Soynomics: Women in AG and AI
November 4, 2022
#2 Soynomics: Root Phenotyping
Soynomics: Root Phenotyping
November 4, 2022
#3 Soynomics: Crop Maturity Estimation
Soynomics: Crop Maturity Estimation
November 7, 2022
#4 Soynomics: Leaf Traits
Soynomics: Leaf Traits
November 7, 2022
#5 Soynomics: Field Peas Research & Breeding
Soynomics: Field Peas Research & Breeding
November 9, 2022
#6 Soynomics: Insect Smartphone App
Soynomics: Insect Smartphone App
November 11, 2022
#7 Soynomics: Ag Gym Simulator
Soynomics: Ag Gym Simulator
November 14, 2022
#8 Soynomics: Mung Bean Drone-Based Phenotyping
Soynomics: Mung Bean Drone-Based Phenotyping
November 16, 2022
#9 Soynomics: SDS Image-based Phenotyping
Soynomics: SDS Image-based Phenotyping
November 18, 2022
#10 Soynomics: Yield Prediction
Soynomics: Yield Prediction
November 19, 2022
#11 Soynomics: Soybean Pod Counting
Soynomics: Soybean Pod Counting
November 21, 2022
#12 Soynomics: Satellite Based Phenotyping
Soynomics: Satellite Based Phenotyping
November 23, 2022
#13 Soynomics: Water Stress Research
Soynomics: Water Stress Research
January 12, 2023
#14 Soynomics: Heat Stress Research
Soynomics: Heat Stress Research
January 13, 2023
#15 Soynomics: Digital Twin
Soynomics: Digital Twin
January 15, 2023

Training Workshop

Bots in Beans: Ag Women using AI Tools (Robots and UAV's in Ag)

In this video PhD student Ashlyn Rairdin gives is a quick look at some of her AI tools and shares how she came to be at Iowa State working in mung beans with robots!

July 11, 2022

Training Workshop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture: Ethical Concerns & Responsive Solutions

For details about this workshop, see:

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June 22, 2022
2:00 - 7:00 PM (US Central)

Training Workshop

Introduction to Cloud-based Deep Learning

This workshop will introduce you to concepts in cloud, containerization, and GPU computing with Python. We will demonstrate a simple deep learning application problem using public research cyberinfrastructure with version control systems and containerization

April 9, 2022
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (US Central)