AIIRA's Vision

AIIRA will transform agriculture by creating a new AI-driven framework for modeling plants at various agronomically relevant scales. We accomplish this by introducing AI-driven digital twins that fuse diverse data with siloed domain knowledge. We will deploy these twins across ag applications that directly impact the USDA Science Blueprint involving crop improvement and production. These applications require foundational advances in AI. Our strong social science focus will ensure the adoption of AI in ag. We will democratize access to AI tools to the broader research and Ag community. We have signature education activities that will build an AI-aware workforce. We also have signature activities to provide AI training to native American communities and ensure increased participation of women in AI. Finally, AIIRA will serve as a nexus for the broad adoption of AI-in-Ag through activities with our large stakeholder network


We will build AI-driven digital twins that assimilate copious data with domain knowledge delivering theory, algorithms, and tools (software and hardware) for the principled creation of AI-driven digital twins at plant and field scales


Our use-inspired artificial intelligence (AI) developments are tightly integrated with USDA-relevant challenges in crop improvement and sustainable crop production

Adopt and Democratize

Our strong social science focus will ensure sustained AI adoption across the agriculture value chain. Our strong cyber-infrastructure (CI) focus will ensure cohesive, sustainable, and extensible CI to reproducibly share and manage data assets and analysis workflows to a diverse spectrum of Ag community

Education and Workforce Development

We have envisioned our education and workforce development effort as a pathway that targets learners across all academic levels to develop talent and skills for a highly competent next-generation AI workforce. The universities involved in AIIRA have been providing education across all these levels and disciplines for some time. Our Three Signature Educational Activities, all created for AIIRA, form an integrated pathway for a new discipline of Cyber Ag Systems.