Training Workshop

Introduction to Cloud-based Deep Learning

The Translational AI Center (TrAC) at Iowa State University along with will host a day long hybrid workshop on Introduction to Cloud-based Deep Learning. This workshop will introduce you to concepts in cloud, containerization, and GPU computing with Python. We will demonstrate a simple deep learning application problem using public research cyberinfrastructure with version control systems and containerization.

The workshop is split into two parts:

Part I:
  • Introduction to CyVerse cyberinfrastructure (1.5hrs)
    • iRODS Data Store
    • Discovery Environment data science workbench
    • JetStream-2 OpenStack Cloud
    • Containers with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Introduction to Deep Learning with Project Jupyter (1.5hrs)
    • Data Management (15 mins)
    • Data Analysis (15 mins)
    • Concepts in training with a predefined standard network architecture (30 mins)
    • Performing model inference (15 mins)
    • Version control and Reproducibility (15 mins)
Part II:
  • Introduction to GPU computing (20 mins)
  • Setting up your analysis environment for programming in Python
    • on Google Colab (15 mins)
    • on Windows (20 mins)
    • on Linux (20 mins)
    • on HPC (30 mins)

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of the command line and at least one scientific programming language

Registration: The registration is free, please fill out this form:

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